About Us

What if I could a make a small difference every morning, one sip at a time? This simple question led me to create and launch my three passions: coffee, tea, and kitty cats.

After much research, I was very much surprised in not finding cat-themed coffee and tea brands. Cat fans are unquestionably the best fans around and would undeniably support a rescue cause through sustainable coffee and tea purchasing.

Purrfect Coffee and Tea Company is a premium, ethically sourced coffee and tea company with the mission to support rescue costs and medical attention of shelter cats from various animal rescue organizations. 

All our coffee is ethically sourced from a variety of regions to bring you premium coffees and support the farmers that grow them. Rest assured, you can be confident that you are filling your cup with coffee that has a purpose! 

Enjoy your day with a Purrfect cup of coffee and a peace of mind. 

Thank you for visiting Purrfect Coffee and Tea! If you would like to contact us, please fill out the form on the contact page!

(June Wong's Cat, Chewy)